Saturday, August 25, 2012

Salat al-Duha or Solat Duha in Malay

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. I think this will be my very first posting regarding religious issue. As a Muslim I feel obligated to share information especially good ones. I'm not perfect, I'm still striving to be the best Muslim I can be , Insyallah.
So, for my very first one I would like to highlight on Solat Dhua ( since Malay is my second language after Bajau, therefore I would refer it as this)

So what is solat Dhua?
well according to my understanding , solat Duha is a prayer that one performs starting from sun rise preferably after 8 am ( or even after 15-20 minutes after sunrise) until before noon that is before 11 am. To do it falls under   Sunna mu'akkada (emphasized Sunna), this means it is not obligatory but still is condone higher than the other sunnas . 

 By performing solat Dhua one can expect to attract their Rezeki ( sustenance or luck, such as wealth, food, health, friends etc) and to avoid poverty. And I have also read that after Duha, you can recite a Du'a that you want and Insyallah be granted by Allah !
* ~~ during examination  week or waiting for your result ~~

How to do it?
 Solat Duha lasts only for 2 rakaats.
1. The first rakaat starts with reciting the Iftitah, then afterwards the Al-fathihah and then any other surah.
2. The second rakaat starts with Al-fathihah and another surah (any)
3. Give the salam after the tahyat akhir then we're done!

Can't understand, well here goes Google Translate :)

* I didn't include the ruku and sujud part because those are basics and are the same with any other prayer.

Therefore here is a picture of a guide in Malay on how to do Duha.

So, I guess that's all I have to share, and Insyallah we will meet in another religious post. and By the way, if you see any inconsistencies of my post, such as  a wrong information or anything, just tell to me okay, because I'am still a learner and a student as well. See you all again!

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to continue another year on this Earth~!

hey people! It's my birthday~! yeah! 24th August! that's my birthday!
Because of this, I had always love the number 2, 4 ,8 and finally and especially 24! haha, my fascination with these numbers are basically predictable.

you wanna know why my birthday is special to me? this is becaus it has a correlation to my Mother's. Her birth date is April 28th. can you see it? Maybe if I change the the dates into number forms it'll help you.

My birth date : 24/8  
My mom's     :  28/4

24/8 = 3
28/4 = 7

3+7 = 10
1+0 = 1 #

this is just some stupid calculation,( not that scientific but whatever) but still it's special to me! and that's why I love my mom the best!
yeah not what I was going for anyway 

can you see it? I hope you do, because if you can't, I have a serious problem to tell you!

so the last time I celebrated my birthday was when I was 13. I had people coming over and cakes to eat, but after I turned 14, we stopped celebrating.  Afterwards we just had simple celebrations, sometimes it's just me with the parents or sometimes none at all. Although this might look sad, but I managed to adapt to it, it taught me to love myself and treat myself when nobody will.

Would love to have thos Borg cake, maybe I'll buy one someday
 So, along the years. I pampered myself with doing activities and buying things that I love (usually using my own money, but as long as I'm happy right?). I'll treat myself to my own private cakes or foods, enjoy a great movie (usually Star Trek) and listen to happy and favorite songs of mine.I also take pictures of myself (usually 24 pictures of the day) haha. It does look sad when you picture it, but then again, I did this as an appreciation to myself and to what I had achieved. Maybe it lack people but I'm used to it. Of course when I see people celebrate their birthday it makes me a lil bit jealous (or more!) but then again, I'm used to it, I don't expect anything and didn't hope for anything special from anyone, if there were wishes and gifts, Alhamdulilah, but celebrating birthdays are just over me. haha, but I guess that's just my fate.

Some people tend to get into their sad and negative sate, I prefer not to! 
But hey, on this day of my Birthday, I decided to put it into the blog, so this is considered as special! haha, so happy birthday to me! I would like to thank Allah for everything and of course to myself for being my self and strong throughout the years, may Wisdom and wealth comes to me , amin!

- but still you might think this is just a sad post, but hey, I'm not sad! Sad is a state of mind, and I'm not in one! haha! ( this guy is just crazy!)  adios! Don't know what'll do today, but surely inysallah we'll do something!

Remember The key to a Happy life is always being positive and your state of mind!
Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raya? Exams? life? meh

I think it's has been 6 months ago since I updated my blog, I guess laziness and work has the better hold on me.

                                                     (the next Imam muda? haha, you wish!)

So we've just passed the Holy Month of Ramadhan, Alhamdulilah. (passed all 30 days without a snitch!) I still remember when I was a kid, that I used to drink and eat inconspicuously, haha, it's kinda funny when you recall it. When I was a kid, the longest I could withstand fasting was like only half a day.  Funny how it has totally change today. Today, I don;t even have the urge to eat, I guess my body has adapted to not eating so much (like the borg)
So it's Raya! Yeay! 
but I guessed every year have been different, my friends from schools are not that close anymore, therefore, lack of interaction and therefore slowly killing the relationships. I guess I miss the old days, where we would charter a van and go tour friends houses from kampung to kampung. But I guessed everything has change. Nowadays the only person who I never lost contact is my best friend afiq. Well at least we still have people to celebrate with right? (my Baju raya this  year is a goldish/yellowish mixture,thanks mom)

Currently undertaking an Intersession. Taking 2 papers. Not because I failed them, it's because of the Faculty's requirements and stuff. Gah. Gonna have the finals in just 2 weeks!! yeah, during Intersession, you only have two classes per day for 5 days a week, So it's kinda stressful, but at least you have your friends with you, especially now I have really good, fun and entertaining classmates!

Exam result?
last semesters exam result was somehow expected. I could be proud on what I achieved (here's a hint , I scored 5 A's out of 8 Papers) a dean's list? nope, far away from it, I won't share the rest, because it's just killing me!! But then again , I believe it is Allah's way in giving me the best. I'll explain it later insyallah in another post.

but right now, I gotta sleep!!! I'm just doing this because I can't go to sleep!
Adios! Assalamualaikum! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choices in life

other than a grammatically wrong sentence made by Bill Gates (or whoever created it) there is a very strong point to be consider here. That is choices. the choice that we make in our daily lives could impact us dearly in the future. So before you do something think about it for a second.

live your life!

Along our mortal and boring lives there always be that one guy that will make you wanna smack their heads to the floor or anything that is hard( a wall, a rock, a hammer, you know where I'm going) Unless you guys are Superman, I advice the other way around, cuz if you kill someone or injure them, get ready for a frekking law suit! (Even superman can't out run that, but then again he's SUPERMAN!) But I doubt you guys are. (reality check)

Moving on, this guy would probably be there to destroy your day, even if he is not there, he'll be in your mind, and when you're thinking of him, you'll get distracted, and when you're distracted, you'll gain less in life (like a fly that get's stuck in your house and tries to go to the window and it's annoying you the whole day). For example your're going for a movie, your favourite movie (let's just say the lion king) When you're watching the movie you'll be thinking of him, and thus will make you less enjoying the movie, this kind of scenario can be adapted to many other scenarios, like studying, a program with your friends, birthdays!, weddings etc.

So my advice to you and me is just to LET IT GO and FORGET ABOUT IT. Seriously, what's the use of getting down? Probably that's the main reason that annoying guy (let's call him George, cuz nobody likes George anyway BAM!) did that in the first place. When you let it go and forget about it, you'll realize that it wasn't important at all, and you can go on your merry way to what ever you planned to do. And at the end of the day you'll gain more than him!

So say NO to him, and live your life! Don't let him ruin it! Act like he never existed in the first place! be PRO YOU!


credits to 9GAG

Badan PEER Kaunselor, UiTM Sabah


Badan Peer kaunselor or PEERs, UiTM cawangan Sabah, is one of the clubs/bodies/association that I joined as an active member in campus. Being in PEERs has changed my student life in campus, through this association I became involved in countless programs that had been responsible in giving me different experiences, friends, knowledge and soft skills.
(My first time being a Peers Mentor, was when I was in part 2, * on the stage)

Whether the programs were in campus or outside the campus, I always find myself a part of it. I love PEERs!

"""""""""""a brief history of PEERs in UiTM Sabah""""""""""

- It was first established as 'kelab Peers mentor' in 2007, by Puan Norhayat Zakaria
- The club was inspired by the original body in UiTM Shah Alam's own Badan Peer Kaunselor.
- The club's essential core was to be the medium for students who have problems and towards the campus and the wider community around it.
- the members were made up of 'Peers Mentor' (PM), who were the students who are in charge in orientation week or MMS back then (Now MDS)
(MMS back when I was a junior PM)

- Early on, once a student became a Peers mentor, he/she will be automatically be put under the club, therefore membership was only open to these group of people.
(PEERs back in the days I'm on the stage, LOL)

- A member is called a Peers once he/she is officially a member of the association.
- it was finally open to other students at the end of 2010, where this means that the members are not actually only Peers mentors, but other students in campus. And this also means that a Peers mentor does not automatically be put under the club, where they are free to join it or not.
(The Peers in Sabah as off 2011, only a few)

- along the years of it's establishment, it has made countless of programs in and out of campus
- after the separation/changes between the membership, the association is no longer linked to Peers Mentor, however the stigma of the club being considered as a club for Peers Mentor still stays. Therefore, people will always mistake the association's old and new identity.
- Currently Peers is one of the most active association under the student's affairs division and in campus as well and Insyallah strive to be the best!.
(Badan Peer kaunselor UITM Sabah and Shah Alam)

(Peers at KL)
(Peers at Melaka)

(and recently Peers at UiTM Tawau)


*MMS stands for Minggu Mesra Siswa or the current name MDS which is Minggu Destini Siswa
*Peers Mentors (PM) was officially changed to PMDS or Pemimpin Minggu Desttini Siswa

Monday, February 13, 2012

Making history!

The date February 13th will be marked down along my life history!! Why? because on this day, I finally drove a car!!! YEAH!! It was intense! It was scary! It was everything! I felt scared and excited at the same time! haha! Kinda like a high feeling you know! let me share you the details that will forever be in history

time: 10.00am-1200pm (13/2/2012)
route, New sport school to KKIP and back to UiTM 97%on my own! ( was helped by pressing breaks and holding the wheel , LOL)
highest speed 60kmph
car : a Kancil! haha

well thats all, I just feel so excited!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Not that I'm saying I'm in the red area, I'm merely saying that the world could be much better if the red and white area were the other way around. Just imagine if the world was filled by the red zoned people, war would be possibly non existent and diseases, poverty, racism, corruptions, famines and many other world problem could be counter act easily. It's such shame that the world works this way, But i guess it all has been written by Allah.

Confession time!

I'am a Trekkie!!

Have I mention to you guys I'am a big fan of Star Trek? Well you should know, cuz all of my close friends know I'am a big fan of it! Why I love Star Trek? Well, simple, Star Trek is non conventional, it is beyond this world, it is beyond imagination (for some that is), not everybody can understand and enjoy (takes a higher cognitive standard to appreciate it, haha), it has good values, and faith in humanity (and aliens sometimes) it brings joy to me like no other show or movies. Living in this part of the world, many people had never even heard the word "star trek", but thats okay.
(The Captains)

My love for Star Trek started when I was 7. I watched STar Trek the animated series (TAS). I don't know what it was but I loved it! Next was when I watched Star Trek First Contact movie when I was 10, still I don't know what it was, but I loved it!

(The stunning USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E)

It wasn't untill i was 14 that I was formally introduce to Star Trek, starting from that My whole life has changed, Thanks to you Star Trek!

Live long and prosper, there might be a lot more on Star Trek coming up next time you bet!

something for the heart

Such a simple picture and message, but I don't know. I felt so emo seeing this,as you may not know, I'am an emotional guy(true story) , credits to 9gag. Poor pooh and me I guess, LOL


Haha! I can't believe my last post was on August last year, what a bad blogger I'am! sigh. But that's okay, it ain't like there's loyal followers are following me at all (unless stalkers, its so nice of you to stalk me, but please stop) so Its the new year, I'm writing this on Febuary. So It's kinda a lil late for that. Moving on. So an update to my life, I finished my Diploma last year, on October, wow! I can't believe I just spent 3.5 years of my life studying! Not bad I guess, managed to get at least 3 Dean's list along my study days, haha (bragging is bad). Just right after I finished my study I worked with HEP as an SKP(kinda like a part time worker for students) under the PPP(en.ardey), went to west Malaysia for Peers "delagasi" program,

and Debated for UiTM Sabah in the first "Jesselton Debate Open" or JDO, was the aju for UiTM VC cup at Shah Alam,

(picture above was during VC cup at Intake Shah Alam)

went to "kem gemilang" at Berringis. Be a PM again during the latest Diploma intake, was the Program exco throughout the MDS, it was awesome! arranged many activities under PEERs and HEP.
(me and the new PEERs, Badan Peer Kaunselor, UiTM Sabah)

On January I went to "kem Nur Al-Falah" at Nilai, Negeri simbilan, went to Tawau for another PEERs program, and many other things I guess. Soo much to be mention but so little energy and time, I'll try to be a regular blogger next time, Insyallah.