Friday, August 19, 2011

KL~! a misfortune end up to be a fortune all along~!

The picture above was me at KL earl this semester. The picture represent what my life as a part 6 student this end of year. Early this semester, (a few days before the semesters opened up) I was chosen to represent Uitm Sabah, well of course its not me alone, I was also with the campus' elite students, they are, yazrin, roslan,laila ,lala and azean. I was chosen by sir Roslan to the program called MANTAP 2011, or its literal form, "Mahasiswa Turun Parlimen". The program was about, being a researcher for the member of parliment, especially for the BN coalition MPs. The program would give us the students the chance to be involved with the MP's activity for a month, then was given rm 1000 as benefits~!! Man~! awesome isn't it? too bad all the sabahan representatives (uitm sabah was the only one) can't go on with it, cuz it would take most of our time from study, especially me~! A final year student~~! I can't play with study for a month long away from campus, for sure I'll be a part 7 student if I did that~! the other's reasons was that they have intersession subjects needed to be taken, and lala didn't want to do it alone~! and so was I, they wanted me to stay, because I don't have any final examination or anything except my studies~ but then again, I didn't want to do it, because I don't wanna do it alone and didn't wanna lose focus on my final year~ I mean, its a month~! well, we joined the program for 4 days,after the 4 days, we were told to stay at uitm shah alam's kolej angrik, it was okay while waiting for our flights,then we were abandoned there and left to fend for ourselves because the organizer forgot to buy tickets for us to go back to sabah~! what an epic failure~! We can't possibly stay in kolej angrik for 3 days~! We'll be eaten alive by ghosts~! (because it was the sem break, there was NOBODY in the kolej except for us~!) So we decided on a plan, that will make ourselves away from kolej angrik and pursue to laila's idea, of staying with his brother somewhere in KL~ well we took the monorail, with everything that we can carry, a few shirts and my essentials~ we were basically left to fend for ourselves~! Thanks again to the organizer~!! So we stayed with laila's brother somewhere in KL, I tend to forgot the place's name, was it selayang? I forgot~! Sorry~! we were thankful that we have a place where we could stay and feel safe, thanks again to laila and her brother~! May Allah bless and reimbursed you with better options~!

So the 3 days we had in KL was utterly funny, cuz we only have the clothes that was on our back, so when we went out we would buy new clothes to please ourselves (we were wearing the same clothes over and over again~!) I must say staying i KL for 3 straight days without any activity prepared was something new, for instance I never have the chance to ride a monorail before( I used to watch it on TV, but never have the chance to raid it) so during our days in KL, monorail was the sole transport of our activity~! haha, we went shopping in bukit bintang and many other shopping complex for days~! (sakai la kan) at night, laila's brother (zul) would bring us out to eat or go shopping again~! haha, it was hectic and fun~! this is the memory that we should treasure for ever~!

Us the 6 of us~!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Exco Kesihatan yeah~!

My classmates ~
With afiq n nazmi
Last day of my beautiful hair~

Raya with the gang

Camp at KK adventure park

Opkim Labuan
Lahad datu Opkim
Opkim Nabawan



hah~! Guess who?? after almost a year, I'm back~!

so its been a while~ yeah, like 7 months~ or last year since I updated my blog, well I blame my self for not getting involved much with the world of blogging, I was only active in Facebook, and at the same time, I still think Blogging as a way where we write what we want(like a diary) and just go on and on, without any really important things to add up~

so what happened along the 7 months?

well, now I'm at part 5, the last time I wrote was when I was in part 3 (going to part 4), so thats roughly a year in campus time, 2 semesters has passed, and all I can think of is graduating and finding a nice place to continue my study~

so in a nutshell, as always I like to keep myself busy with things that I can actually join.

Last year I went to Arau for Public speaking and be the Sabah team Adjudicator. Not much debating though, Cuz im still in my junior phase, but it was something new~!but I did join public speaking, where I almost made it into the finals, (my talk was centered on beyonce's single ladies and how it kinda relates with the sissy guys that i knew, Funny as hell~!)

MDS was cool, I'am again a Peers Mentor for the 2nd time,my exco this semester was the health exco, with Eja,heryl,piah,marliana,emma (i hope thats all of them, haha) It was kinda challenging this time, with all the sick students and the fake sickness that I have to attend too, but nevertheless I never regret it, cuz i love helping out in major events and make myself useful to others and myself. It was just truly awesome~! well that was 2 semester's back, can't remember much except the laughter I had and the fun~!

then, I joined Opkim, 3 TIMES~! the first one was in Nabawan, I got bunked with a freshie (charlie) he is from Sarawak, taking BAsc, but we're the same age. The family that we got was the family that truly opened my eyes. They what you call 'the family who needs the most' I'm not saying anything bad, but if you were in my place, you can't help to think how can they live like this? I mean, with no running water, we had to take bath near a pond/river. Their house was not fully build and the amenities that I usually take for granted was none or in a very low quality. They just live a simple live and didn't complain to want more, and that's the thing that I loved the most. Living with them made me think what is really important in live, that is Family and friends. Living with them had truly opened my eyes~ that I should be thankful always to God and never cry for more when you already got more than others do. (Ethnically they are Javaness,but culturally they are Muruts)

The second Opkim I joined was in Lahad Datu(kg.cocos), this time I,abu and fifi were fortunate enough to join this Opkim. Why? This is because this Opkim was actually for the Bachelor in Economic's students. But somehow there was a hole for three, and we end up filling those holes, in short, we board the ship that didn't have our names. The family I got this time was far different that the last one, I mean they have a bathroom in our room~! and the also have an estate filled with palm trees, in short they were rich. I like this family, because, even they were rich, they are still humble. They contribute to the society and my foster dad was a very active member in the village. My bunk mate was Azlan from sandakan and nelly from penampang, they both are from BIE. Well the cocos people there was really friendly, great food and great people~!

The third opkim was in Labuan~ yeah~! This was a joint Opkim, from UMS KK,Labuan,and matriks students. I got selected to kg. Lubuk temiang, and was put under the care of one active women~! Man, you should know her~! She cracks jokes and fight like a man~! She's awesome, she refuse us calling her 'mom', instead she insisted calling her 'kakak' sine she is just only 31 or so. We live with her family, her husband, and her three cute children, Ayu now age 13, damit now age 12, and the other one i kinda forget, haha , but she is roughly 7-9 years old, man those kids cracks me up at night with their stories of ghosts~! ahha, my bunk mate this time was the infamous Belbet~! and aydil a friend from Peers mentor. This is think was the best opkim I had~! Great food and great people, my house was like only 10 feet from lucy's, mule, ani and tracy's house, Infact their foster mom is our foster sister;s mom~! haha, get it? Labuan was great, we have our classmate adzreen to be our tour guide there, Kudos towards him~!

so thats all about opkim~ haha, I love joining Opkim,

so, what else did I do?
well I grew my hair long enough that I could actually be a backup singer for the song "whip my hair" LOL~! unfortunately i cut it off for security reasons at campus. haha

in part 4 =, my room mates in the dorm was the SMF entourage, Me,uni, faiz and Firman. Awesome room with awesome people. We were laughing all the time, by making fun of each other and gossiping~! haha, throughout this semseter(last semester) I and the SMF joined many joined venture with the MPP's. We went to the child protection area in papar and Tuaran. Arrange multiple functions in campus, the SYNF(sabah youth national forum) in UMS for 3 days, and so mush more~! Like I said before, I like to keep my self busy~

I went to KAKS the last sem break, with my marketing mngr wadah (dpim) a former school mate in Bandaraya, Ct faridah a DIS student from KB, and CT azam DIA from somewhere near KB, haha, and I was the ADmin and the GM, our project was ' book' an internet service company that allows customer to sell books through our website. it was awesome~! the kaks goes on for 7 days long, at the mean time, I bunked with syazrul, samsir and elni at C3. awesome is just the word to represent kaks, it was more that i expected~! the day after kaks closed the curtains, i immediately signed up for the JPK's program at kk adventure park, that was also awesome~! more activity than any camp I've been through~! We climbed hills, went to do jungle trekking, and so many more~! and the feeling praying facing the sea at night while the wind blows was truly amazing~!! yup, the beash was like a distance away~ and the wind was awesome~! But i managed to get my skin darker than ever~! haha the camp was truly awesome~!111~~!! right after the camp closes, then I joine Opkim in labuan~!

so guys It was a new record for me~!

The semester break was awesome, I spend some time at afiq'a house,doing crazy stuff, and when I mean carzy I mean nerd stuff, haha, and also 'bekeliaran' with nazmi at night, watching movies and stuff~! that was also awesome.

Last year's Raya was awesome ~! I gather back with my old friends, sarul,jus,ijul and alezam oh yeah nor forgetting ija. This time we have a car~!!! yeah~! thats right~! however it was only ija's sister's car, not one of us. Haha, but a car is still a car. IT was awesome and epic to say~! not only with them , but i also joined the old 5 ino raya trip, haha. there were so many stuff going on that I marely don;t have the time to write them all~ let's just assume that its epic at the greatest proportion~ LOL

I guess thats all, from now on, I'll try to keep myself updated with My blog, and who knows, maybe someday I'll be famous~ wahahahha, see you guys soon, ( if there's people reading this) haha