Tuesday, February 14, 2012

live your life!

Along our mortal and boring lives there always be that one guy that will make you wanna smack their heads to the floor or anything that is hard( a wall, a rock, a hammer, you know where I'm going) Unless you guys are Superman, I advice the other way around, cuz if you kill someone or injure them, get ready for a frekking law suit! (Even superman can't out run that, but then again he's SUPERMAN!) But I doubt you guys are. (reality check)

Moving on, this guy would probably be there to destroy your day, even if he is not there, he'll be in your mind, and when you're thinking of him, you'll get distracted, and when you're distracted, you'll gain less in life (like a fly that get's stuck in your house and tries to go to the window and it's annoying you the whole day). For example your're going for a movie, your favourite movie (let's just say the lion king) When you're watching the movie you'll be thinking of him, and thus will make you less enjoying the movie, this kind of scenario can be adapted to many other scenarios, like studying, a program with your friends, birthdays!, weddings etc.

So my advice to you and me is just to LET IT GO and FORGET ABOUT IT. Seriously, what's the use of getting down? Probably that's the main reason that annoying guy (let's call him George, cuz nobody likes George anyway BAM!) did that in the first place. When you let it go and forget about it, you'll realize that it wasn't important at all, and you can go on your merry way to what ever you planned to do. And at the end of the day you'll gain more than him!

So say NO to him, and live your life! Don't let him ruin it! Act like he never existed in the first place! be PRO YOU!


credits to 9GAG

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