Sunday, February 12, 2012


Haha! I can't believe my last post was on August last year, what a bad blogger I'am! sigh. But that's okay, it ain't like there's loyal followers are following me at all (unless stalkers, its so nice of you to stalk me, but please stop) so Its the new year, I'm writing this on Febuary. So It's kinda a lil late for that. Moving on. So an update to my life, I finished my Diploma last year, on October, wow! I can't believe I just spent 3.5 years of my life studying! Not bad I guess, managed to get at least 3 Dean's list along my study days, haha (bragging is bad). Just right after I finished my study I worked with HEP as an SKP(kinda like a part time worker for students) under the PPP(en.ardey), went to west Malaysia for Peers "delagasi" program,

and Debated for UiTM Sabah in the first "Jesselton Debate Open" or JDO, was the aju for UiTM VC cup at Shah Alam,

(picture above was during VC cup at Intake Shah Alam)

went to "kem gemilang" at Berringis. Be a PM again during the latest Diploma intake, was the Program exco throughout the MDS, it was awesome! arranged many activities under PEERs and HEP.
(me and the new PEERs, Badan Peer Kaunselor, UiTM Sabah)

On January I went to "kem Nur Al-Falah" at Nilai, Negeri simbilan, went to Tawau for another PEERs program, and many other things I guess. Soo much to be mention but so little energy and time, I'll try to be a regular blogger next time, Insyallah.

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