Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to continue another year on this Earth~!

hey people! It's my birthday~! yeah! 24th August! that's my birthday!
Because of this, I had always love the number 2, 4 ,8 and finally and especially 24! haha, my fascination with these numbers are basically predictable.

you wanna know why my birthday is special to me? this is becaus it has a correlation to my Mother's. Her birth date is April 28th. can you see it? Maybe if I change the the dates into number forms it'll help you.

My birth date : 24/8  
My mom's     :  28/4

24/8 = 3
28/4 = 7

3+7 = 10
1+0 = 1 #

this is just some stupid calculation,( not that scientific but whatever) but still it's special to me! and that's why I love my mom the best!
yeah not what I was going for anyway 

can you see it? I hope you do, because if you can't, I have a serious problem to tell you!

so the last time I celebrated my birthday was when I was 13. I had people coming over and cakes to eat, but after I turned 14, we stopped celebrating.  Afterwards we just had simple celebrations, sometimes it's just me with the parents or sometimes none at all. Although this might look sad, but I managed to adapt to it, it taught me to love myself and treat myself when nobody will.

Would love to have thos Borg cake, maybe I'll buy one someday
 So, along the years. I pampered myself with doing activities and buying things that I love (usually using my own money, but as long as I'm happy right?). I'll treat myself to my own private cakes or foods, enjoy a great movie (usually Star Trek) and listen to happy and favorite songs of mine.I also take pictures of myself (usually 24 pictures of the day) haha. It does look sad when you picture it, but then again, I did this as an appreciation to myself and to what I had achieved. Maybe it lack people but I'm used to it. Of course when I see people celebrate their birthday it makes me a lil bit jealous (or more!) but then again, I'm used to it, I don't expect anything and didn't hope for anything special from anyone, if there were wishes and gifts, Alhamdulilah, but celebrating birthdays are just over me. haha, but I guess that's just my fate.

Some people tend to get into their sad and negative sate, I prefer not to! 
But hey, on this day of my Birthday, I decided to put it into the blog, so this is considered as special! haha, so happy birthday to me! I would like to thank Allah for everything and of course to myself for being my self and strong throughout the years, may Wisdom and wealth comes to me , amin!

- but still you might think this is just a sad post, but hey, I'm not sad! Sad is a state of mind, and I'm not in one! haha! ( this guy is just crazy!)  adios! Don't know what'll do today, but surely inysallah we'll do something!

Remember The key to a Happy life is always being positive and your state of mind!
Happy birthday to me!

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