Thursday, May 13, 2010


So, I've been trying to understand why do people make blogs? In the end I never understood why. Some of my friends have their own blog, and I always wanted to follow their footsteps into the cyber age( not that I'm saying I'm not knowledgeable l in the world of Internet), I'm just saying that, whats the use of making a blog if no one is going to read it? Blogging is different than Facebook or Friendster, where people got to read your 'insight' whether they want to or not.For me, I want a blog, where I could give my opinion on anything, even if its not relevant to anyone and people somehow still reads it. Well I do know that, living in this part of the world, means that 98% of my friends do not own a blog, thus to whom should I connect and have someone to read my thoughts? And I know that, even if I did this blog, surely there would be nobody to read this. I just want to prove that, there will be nobody reading this. Well, maybe not now, but it could be in the future... Who knows right? To me, this(writing my first blog) is just like talking to myself, with nobody else around me, just me and my thoughts. So to conclude it all, since I'am in my semesters break and got nothing to do, why not to something new right? Like a saying a found close to my heart that is "if not now, then when?"