Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Badan PEER Kaunselor, UiTM Sabah


Badan Peer kaunselor or PEERs, UiTM cawangan Sabah, is one of the clubs/bodies/association that I joined as an active member in campus. Being in PEERs has changed my student life in campus, through this association I became involved in countless programs that had been responsible in giving me different experiences, friends, knowledge and soft skills.
(My first time being a Peers Mentor, was when I was in part 2, * on the stage)

Whether the programs were in campus or outside the campus, I always find myself a part of it. I love PEERs!

"""""""""""a brief history of PEERs in UiTM Sabah""""""""""

- It was first established as 'kelab Peers mentor' in 2007, by Puan Norhayat Zakaria
- The club was inspired by the original body in UiTM Shah Alam's own Badan Peer Kaunselor.
- The club's essential core was to be the medium for students who have problems and towards the campus and the wider community around it.
- the members were made up of 'Peers Mentor' (PM), who were the students who are in charge in orientation week or MMS back then (Now MDS)
(MMS back when I was a junior PM)

- Early on, once a student became a Peers mentor, he/she will be automatically be put under the club, therefore membership was only open to these group of people.
(PEERs back in the days I'm on the stage, LOL)

- A member is called a Peers once he/she is officially a member of the association.
- it was finally open to other students at the end of 2010, where this means that the members are not actually only Peers mentors, but other students in campus. And this also means that a Peers mentor does not automatically be put under the club, where they are free to join it or not.
(The Peers in Sabah as off 2011, only a few)

- along the years of it's establishment, it has made countless of programs in and out of campus
- after the separation/changes between the membership, the association is no longer linked to Peers Mentor, however the stigma of the club being considered as a club for Peers Mentor still stays. Therefore, people will always mistake the association's old and new identity.
- Currently Peers is one of the most active association under the student's affairs division and in campus as well and Insyallah strive to be the best!.
(Badan Peer kaunselor UITM Sabah and Shah Alam)

(Peers at KL)
(Peers at Melaka)

(and recently Peers at UiTM Tawau)


*MMS stands for Minggu Mesra Siswa or the current name MDS which is Minggu Destini Siswa
*Peers Mentors (PM) was officially changed to PMDS or Pemimpin Minggu Desttini Siswa

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