Sunday, February 12, 2012

Confession time!

I'am a Trekkie!!

Have I mention to you guys I'am a big fan of Star Trek? Well you should know, cuz all of my close friends know I'am a big fan of it! Why I love Star Trek? Well, simple, Star Trek is non conventional, it is beyond this world, it is beyond imagination (for some that is), not everybody can understand and enjoy (takes a higher cognitive standard to appreciate it, haha), it has good values, and faith in humanity (and aliens sometimes) it brings joy to me like no other show or movies. Living in this part of the world, many people had never even heard the word "star trek", but thats okay.
(The Captains)

My love for Star Trek started when I was 7. I watched STar Trek the animated series (TAS). I don't know what it was but I loved it! Next was when I watched Star Trek First Contact movie when I was 10, still I don't know what it was, but I loved it!

(The stunning USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E)

It wasn't untill i was 14 that I was formally introduce to Star Trek, starting from that My whole life has changed, Thanks to you Star Trek!

Live long and prosper, there might be a lot more on Star Trek coming up next time you bet!

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