Saturday, August 25, 2012

Salat al-Duha or Solat Duha in Malay

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. I think this will be my very first posting regarding religious issue. As a Muslim I feel obligated to share information especially good ones. I'm not perfect, I'm still striving to be the best Muslim I can be , Insyallah.
So, for my very first one I would like to highlight on Solat Dhua ( since Malay is my second language after Bajau, therefore I would refer it as this)

So what is solat Dhua?
well according to my understanding , solat Duha is a prayer that one performs starting from sun rise preferably after 8 am ( or even after 15-20 minutes after sunrise) until before noon that is before 11 am. To do it falls under   Sunna mu'akkada (emphasized Sunna), this means it is not obligatory but still is condone higher than the other sunnas . 

 By performing solat Dhua one can expect to attract their Rezeki ( sustenance or luck, such as wealth, food, health, friends etc) and to avoid poverty. And I have also read that after Duha, you can recite a Du'a that you want and Insyallah be granted by Allah !
* ~~ during examination  week or waiting for your result ~~

How to do it?
 Solat Duha lasts only for 2 rakaats.
1. The first rakaat starts with reciting the Iftitah, then afterwards the Al-fathihah and then any other surah.
2. The second rakaat starts with Al-fathihah and another surah (any)
3. Give the salam after the tahyat akhir then we're done!

Can't understand, well here goes Google Translate :)

* I didn't include the ruku and sujud part because those are basics and are the same with any other prayer.

Therefore here is a picture of a guide in Malay on how to do Duha.

So, I guess that's all I have to share, and Insyallah we will meet in another religious post. and By the way, if you see any inconsistencies of my post, such as  a wrong information or anything, just tell to me okay, because I'am still a learner and a student as well. See you all again!

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