Monday, September 8, 2014

It's been awhile (In the memories of Ma Tua and Babu Rini) - Al-Fatiha... Part 2

On August 4th, 2013. babu Rini passsed away due to liver failure. She was 30 years old.

Farini binti Aman (1983-2013) she was my aunty (babu used In Bajau community for 'aunties') . One of the closest babu to us. She was my father's sister (the youngest out of 4).

Her death was sad for many reasons, but I guess the saddest part was because of her passing away on the third raya. yup, she passed away during Raya. That's not all, she has a husband (they've been married for decade), and 3 lovely daughters. Yes she left behind 3 daughters. And they all were aged 8, 6 and 3 at that time.

I couldn't imagine loosing a wife or a mother that young.

I was there to carry her body from the hospital, I was accompanying her in the ambulance to go back to her house. I was alone with her in the ambulannce at 2 AM. for some people that would be scary as hell, especially when you are alone with a dead body. But I don't know how I got the strength to be in that ambulance, but I guess I was convincing myself, that I shouldn't be afraid, because she was my babu,and it was someone who is close to me. I once heard that after a person is gone, their soul wiil be around the body. So I knew she could her me, so along the ride I kinda gave her 'advises' for the after life, telling her not to be sad and to embrace the reality and be happy instead. I hoped that some how helped her to be calm and to prepare herself for whats to come.

  for the most part she will always be in my prayers.

she was funny and she likes to talk alot. I miss that about her.  The funniest memory I have of her was when I was 11. She was eating noodles (maggie), then I asked for some, so she gave it to me. Apparently I was kinda hungry , so I ate most of the noodles! she was so mad, haha. great memories. may you rest in peace with the protection of Allah babu! Aamiin!

beloved babu, still cant believe you're gone. Al-fatiha

For the most part, the death of two close people in the family made me realize the kind of responsibility you have to your family, and at the same time to be more matured in dealing with deaths and be more prepared in taking care of it and your family, but most importantly is the notion that someday it could be you and  yourself must be prepared for it. 

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